AdWords Certified

I recently went on a Creative Crawl to experience what it would be like to work at an Ad Agency, during that I visited four different agencies and three of them that focused more on Advertising said that a lot of the skills that would be helpful in this career, aren’t being taught in school. One common skill that was mentioned was to be familiar with AdWords. One of the companies (Adtegrity) even mentioned that they would be very impressed if people’s resumes did mention that they were AdWords certified, since that is such a huge part of what they do on an every day basis.

I was pretty proud of myself after completing this because I know it will be useful knowledge for any graphic design or advertising jobs I apply for, and just being able to add another skill on my resume feels like an accomplishment. Even if I decide to work for a strictly graphic design company, I really feel like this will come in handy on what words to focus on if I design a poster or a website. This will especially hold true if I decide to do website design or my own personal graphic design website. I will know how to get my website to be one of the first to be displayed and the background of how AdWords works.

In addition, I hope to get certified in Google Analytics over the summer as well, just to have a better of understanding on how it all works. Getting Adwords certified was also just a simple test and a few short videos, it was not this insane test that took hours on end. I also found the videos to be extremely helpful to my understanding and they were also very simple and easy to comprehend. I am definitely a visual learner so I was pleased to see that we would be learn through videos versus studying a book on Google AdWords.

I would really like to utilize these free certifications and tutorials that can help me further my skills with advertising and graphic design. I would like to take advantage of these this summer to become the best I can be in my field. There is still so much I would like to learn and I think it is up to me to teach myself a lot of skills that I think will be relevant for applying to jobs. For example, there are a lot of skills that I don’t know how to do that are on job listings, so why not teach myself and get as far ahead as I can be. There will be so much competition for similar positions in the future and I think doing this will help me to stand out.

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