Networking Event #2

The second Networking Event that I attended was called the Creative Crawl which was created by Grand Valley’s Advertisement club. At this event we all met at Grand Rapids Brewing Company and then we broke up into four different groups and walked around downtown Grand Rapids to four different Ad agencies.

The first place we went to was Grey Matter Group which was a smaller agency where they had clients like New Holland Brewing Company and Old Orchard. The next place we went to was Adtegrity which did not like to call themselves an agency, they talked about how AdWords is a huge part of what they do and they also talked about how they do a lot of SEO/SEM. We then mucked through the pouring rain all the way to Experience GR which talked about how their campaign helped bring people, specifically from Chicago, to Grand Rapids and they showed us some of the Grand Rapids commercials  they created. The final place we visited was People Design which I felt I was the most in my element there. It was on the smaller side, but that didn’t stop them to working with big clients like Herman Miller and they did Grand Valley’s Laker Effect campaign.

I was so happy that I attended this event, it allowed me to get a feel for the type of place that I would like to work. We also got to ask them questions on what it’s like to be doing what they do and we also got a lot of helpful advice.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 3.47.38 PM

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Business Card

I really enjoyed creating my personal brand through a business card because being a Graphic Design Major we are constantly using InDesign so it was cool being able to use the software for a different class. I also think having a business card and knowing how to make them will be extremely beneficial when applying for jobs and branding yourself to a company.

My process of making the business card was first making a personal logo, and the incorporating that into the business card. I also wanted it to coincide with my resume so I used the same colors and shapes that I used on my resume. I also used the font Futura in both my resume and business card. I wanted to show my personal brand by stating that I’m a graphic designer and by showing that I’m proficient in InDesign and Illustrator by designing my own personal logo.

Business Card.jpg

VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). Side A. [Photograph].

Business Card2.jpg

VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). Side B. [Photograph].

Business Card3.jpg

VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). Logo. [Photograph].

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VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). InDesignBusinessCard. [Screenshot].

Networking Event #1: Mentor Speed Dating

I attended the mentor speeding dating event that was a networking event created through Ad Club and took place at Grand Rapids Brewing Company. This was a great way for me to meet professionals in fields that I’m interested in. I got the privilege of meeting people like the Creative Manager at Founders Brewing Company and the Owner of Auxiliary Advertising and Design, and numerous others. I was able to talk to them about what their typical day looked liked at their job and what advice they could give me moving forward as a Graphic Designer. I got a better idea of what it would look like to work at a bigger or smaller company and it helped me think about what kind of work environment I would like to work at in my future.

I am hoping to attend more networking events like this one to get my name out there and to meet more professionals. I think these events will help lead to more connections and opportunities. This has already helped me to discover a few internship opportunities as well.


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