Business Card

I really enjoyed creating my personal brand through a business card because being a Graphic Design Major we are constantly using InDesign so it was cool being able to use the software for a different class. I also think having a business card and knowing how to make them will be extremely beneficial when applying for jobs and branding yourself to a company.

My process of making the business card was first making a personal logo, and the incorporating that into the business card. I also wanted it to coincide with my resume so I used the same colors and shapes that I used on my resume. I also used the font Futura in both my resume and business card. I wanted to show my personal brand by stating that I’m a graphic designer and by showing that I’m proficient in InDesign and Illustrator by designing my own personal logo.

Business Card.jpg

VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). Side A. [Photograph].

Business Card2.jpg

VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). Side B. [Photograph].

Business Card3.jpg

VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). Logo. [Photograph].

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.55.05 AM.png

VerStrate, S. (3.30.17). InDesignBusinessCard. [Screenshot].


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