Photoshop is such a fun way to show creativity and is a great way to edit photos. I think it’s really nice to get experiment with Adobe Creative Cloud because it will be really useful to use in the real world. Being a Graphic Design major, we use PhotoShop for almost all our assignments so it was a nice little break to do something I was more familiar with.

I chose the cityscape because I thought it would be interesting to replace a building with a giraffe, specifically the tallest building since it kind of resembles a giraffe. So I thought it would make the picture more interesting. I also thought it would be cool to add the reflection of the giraffe in the water.

Here are the original images I chose:Hong-Kong-Cityscape.jpg

Credit: Unknown (March 2, 2017). Night Scene of Hong Kong [JPEG]. Retrieved from


Credit:EcoView/Fotolia (March 2, 2017).  Giraffe Facts and Photos. Retrieved from

This is my edited picture where I removed one of the buildings, added a giraffe and used the inverse photo filter:PhotoCap105.jpg


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