Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself is a website that helps you to control and find out what comes up when others search your name. You can then go through and verify if the items that come up about you are “positive”, “negative” or “not me.” After verifying your first ten search terms that come up you get to view your score:screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-6-03-30-pm

VerStrate S, (February 2, 2017) Brand Yourself Report Card Screenshot (JPEG) Retrieved from

There was actually a lot of results that came up about me that I didn’t even know existed and was pretty pleased about, items like being on the Deans list and my Varsity tennis results. There are a couple of items that I was confused that they were marked as harmful. A lot of the results were not me but other Shelby’s or other VerStrate’s in my area which I thought was interesting to see. There was really nothing that came up that I found could hurt me to get a job which I found was really reassuring to know. I thought overall it was really helpful to know this information about yourself, and I think it will be especially useful when I apply to a job or internship and I can keep checking up on it to make sure everything that comes up about me is valid and positive.

After learning my score it then provides you with ways to improve that score and to pretty much better your brand on all social media sites. The 3 recommendations that I went through and did was: Boost your LinkedIn, Submit another link to the web and publish a brand yourself profile. I thought boosting my LinkedIn website was really helpful, because I am pretty new to LinkedIn and I was sure what qualified as a good profile so it made a lot of recommendations for me to do. I then went on and posted my LinkedIn link to the web so hopefully it will be one of the first items that comes up when possible employers are searching me. I also posted Brand Yourself to my Twitter. I thought this website was very helpful and it made me aware of things that I wouldn’t have thought to do.


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