PR Reflection:

This was the first class that I had taken that had anything to do with public relations, which was pretty scary when stepping into this class. I really didn’t understand what a PR person did besides from what I saw on TV which is pretty sad. When I read my first blog post I realized that I thought that PR people just handled scandals that celebrities caused and pretty much fixed mess ups that people caused. This is partially true, but I now realize that there is a lot more to PR than just handling problems. I also didn’t realize how much work it is to be a PR person. However, I did have some of the ideas about PR right when I mentioned “this can also be a very rewarding career when you promote the image of an aspiring small business or help the image of a good person” which I think would be true in the PR field.

Now I have realized that PR isn’t about just making a call and fixing a big scandal. PR involves strategic advertisements, research, communication and lots and lots of writing. I have really grown to like it which is something I did not think I would be saying at the beginning of this semester and it has helped me to become a better writing and researcher which will help me tremendously in my graphic design career where research is a huge part in it. I have also loved using doing thing that would be used in the real PR world like these blog posts rather than writing research papers, it is a great way to get introduced to the PR world.

Another reason why stepping into this classroom was a little intimidating was because of the plan book. Reading the rubric on the plan book made me question if I signed up for the right class. It was pretty much scary just to look at the plan book and I tried not to stare at it as much as possible because of how much information was in it. However, after breaking down the plan book step-by-step it really made it a lot simpler and made the big picture more to the point. It also helped when we turned in each paper and at the end it pretty much turned into a plan book. I can now look back at my plan book and be proud of all the work that I put in it, I never thought this day would ever come!

This class has done a great job of making me see what working in the PR field would really be like which kind of makes me happy that graphic design is my major. However, the skills I learned in PR will be very helpful for me in the future and will help me with the promotional aspects of graphic design. This especially goes for the research aspects that is included in public relations because in graphic design research is a vital aspect when researching the client. Overall, I am very happy with how this class went and all the real world lessons that it taught me.