PR and Social Media

Public relations and social media really go together hand-in-hand, and it allows companies to instantly connect to their audience. Social media has made connecting to an audience faster than ever before.

Social media has really played a huge role in changing the way that people see and understand public relations. Public relations is all about communicating to a target audience, and with social media, communicating to them has really never been easier and more convenient. In the past PR people would have to always find ways to interact with their audience that would usually have to be face to face but with social media it can all be through a companies website. In a blog written by Dave Folkens, on ways that social media is changing public relations says, “Human connections made possible by listening and replying via social media bring the audience closer to a brand and softens the barrier that exists when people feel as if they’re talking to a company that views them strictly as a potential sale”(N.D, para. 3).

Social media can also help to promote political figures and can help them to be seen as more relatable and easier to connect with when they are seen on social media outlets as well. This can also help for these figures to connect with their younger viewers in ways that weren’t possible in the past. Political figures have used social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, plus its own blog powered website that is run by the White House (Warren, 2010).

Companies are trying to find new ways to communicate with their target audience, rather then just having a website. They would like to have long term relationships with their costumers rather than a once-off sale relationship (Papasolomou, 2012). Currently, it is almost impossible to have a successful company when it’s only form of social media is a website, these companies need to go above and beyond when connecting to a potential audience for them to standout amongst the rest. When there is a creative person on the public relations team, it is now more possible to constantly share that with an audience through rapid fast social media. Papasolomou talks about how using social media in public relations can help the audience and the client to connect and states,

“Social media creates an environment that encourages a two-way conversation that corporations can capitalize on it in a way that can benefit their business and their customers” (2012, p. 325).

Overall, social media is a fantastic way to connect the audience in a way that is authentic and personal. People can now share how they feel about a client or company and that client or company can instantly respond to that or make changes from the audiences feedback.


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