Social Media and Public Relations

Social media is an outlet that is constantly changing, and in public relations, they must keep up with these social media changes when communicating to the media. Social media is also one of the greatest ways for people in PR to communicate to a mass audience in a quick and accurate way. They are also able to target one particular audience, for example if they want to target children, they could put an advertisement in the APP of a child’s game. There are a majority of ways to communicate through social media which is why it’s such a popular source for PR people to use to communicate to people.

Social media continues to change and therefor public relations has to change along with it. In a book called Social Media and Public Relations written by Breakenridge, he expands on the idea of how social media is such a huge part of public relations and said, “Public relations will continue to transform, and the changes you see are monumental. For better or for worse, a career in PR means handling communications in the public spotlight because of the increasing use of social media”(2012, p.1). People in the PR field must therefor conduct research to keep up with the ever-changing social media and it also benefits if they are tech-savy so they can better communicate to their target audience.

In a book written by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge is about how social media is reinventing public relations. This is because of how social networks are booming and putting social outlets like the newspaper out of business. Nothing else can communicate to a mass audience as fast as social media can. Solis and Breakenridge talk about how PR firms are always looking for experts in this area of communication, they said, “These highly sought-after New Media PR practitioners include those who blog, run a podcast or video show, communicate in popular micro-media networks such as Twitter, create profiles across several social networks and actively cultivate their social graph, customize pages with an understanding of “lite” HTML, and participate in the communities that are important to them (whether professionally or personally)”(2009, p. 2). With social media constantly changing, this means people in the public relations field need to change how they think or even hire people that have better experience with the examples listed because social media is changing before their eyes.

Public relations and social media are almost the same thing except social media is used online and public relations isn’t always used online. In a blog post written by Falls he talks about the important of social media on public relations and says, “To be effective in social media, whether as a marketer or just an ordinary participant, you must, first and foremost, communicate well”(2008, 3). This blog really focuses on how social media and public relations depends on one another.

PR and social media really go hand-in-hand, and communication to a particular audience usually isn’t successful without the other. By social media being one of the greatest communication tools, it is imperative for public relations specialists are comfortable with using social media to deliver a message to people.


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