Pre PR Reflection

Coming into this class I didn’t really have much of an idea of what advertising and public relations was REALLY all about besides what I saw on Mad Men. This show showed me that there is a client and pleasing the client is pretty much the most important part of the business. You need to listen to the clients needs and objectives that they are trying to show to the public, so any advertisement is important because it will be the image or slogan that the public will think of when they hear about that client. I’m sure that the vast majority of what happened on that show was not what working at an Ad agency would be like but it helped me get a little idea of what the stress level and the creative thinking involved might be like. However, I am looking forward to learning more in depth about advertising and public relations than what I saw on Mad Men.

As an art and design major that is trying to get into the graphic design program, I thought advertising and public relations would be a good field to minor in and gain some insight about. Since my graphic design work will have to appeal to the public, it would be helpful to gain some understanding of the interests and concerns of the publics and how to relate to them.

When I think of public relations my mind instantly thinks about celebrities and scandals. People in the PR field try to do anything in their power to promote their client’s image. Sometimes this can be good things and other times not so good. For example, when celebrities get in trouble with the police, PR people try their best to keep everything under wraps so the public hopefully won’t hear much information about it. They also help with giving celebrities a positive image like when they go to a charity event they will usually notify the paparazzi to the location of the celebrities. PR people’s main job in my mind is to pretty much protect and promote their clients image, so the public will see the celebrities the way the celebrities want to be seen to the public.

I feel that people in the public relations field can be seen in a negative way. This can happen when they promote bad people or bad business’s. If I decide to pursue a career in public relations I would like to stay true to myself and to not try to fix the image of celebrities that I know is a terrible person or promote a business that I know will do nothing but bring harm to the public. For example in Mad Men when the main character decided to end all relations with clients that sell cigarettes because he knew they were bad for the public and he also wanted to gain other clientele.

This is a business that I think can be easy to get involved in challenging situations and may involve changing a bad person’s image. However, this can also be a very rewarding career when you promote the image of an aspiring small business or help the image of a good person that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I obviously have a lot more to learn about public relations and I can honestly say that I am excited to actually learn NEW information in this class no matter how challenging and frustrating it may get. I am also excited to get to promote real clients and to have assignments that I will really be achieving in the future.


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